BMW 4 Series Review

Have you considered a used BMW 4 Series for your next vehicle? Find out if this is the model for you by reading our review…

The BMW 4 Series Coupe is the two-door sister car to the BMW 3 Series saloon. As far as starting points go, there are few better than that!

The 4 Series is immensely popular in the UK, while rivals from Mercedes and Lexus may have the better of the BMW in some areas, neither can replicate its all round appeal. A further draw of the 4 Series is the four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, not only does it offer a surprising turn of pace, but it also returns great real world economy and temptingly low tax rates for those looking for a company car.

When a car boasts 50:50 weight distribution, it’s more or less guaranteed to offer a great drive. Steering feedback is impressive and even without the optional Adaptive Suspension the car rides perfectly. While you may feel some roll in the corners, the trade off is far better road manners. The sport-auto transmission offered greatly improves the 4-Series experience, offering stress free cruising on motorway trips while delivering snappy shifts when pushing on through twisty B-roads. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to picking your engine. Each unit is turbocharged and are at the very top of their game. The 440i’s straight six is a throwback to the BMWs of old too.

The interior of the 4 Series is exactly as you’d expect; smartly packaged, ergonomically pleasing and spacious throughout. The iDrive system has been around for a while now, however it remains foolproof. A touchpad on the top of the rotary selector makes navigation destination inputs simple and entirely possible to do without taking your eyes off the road. There are two trim levels to choose from, Sport and M Sport. Upgrading to M Sport adds an aggressive body kit, sports suspension and interior touches such as, door sills and an M Sport steering wheel, alongside BMW's Professional Media pack.

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