Guide to Range Rover Trims

At Wavertree, it is no secret that we LOVE a Range Rover. The style and class, the way they command the roads, you’ll know from checking out our collection that they are one of our favorites. What makes them so special is the range of trims you can choose from to really make the car yours. Check out our rundown below so you can get familiar with what they are all about.


High Specification Equipment. This is the kind of trim you think of when you think of the ultimate Range Rover. In a HSE model, you will find luxury in every corner and comfort in every stitch.


Special Vehicle Operations and Special Vehicle Racing respectively. They’re not available on every model but when you find a model with an SVR trim, the drive will be more than enjoyable. Trust us on this one.


Offered on the original Range Rover, Sport and Evoque, this is the trim to search for if you’re looking for an executive feel. Luxury trims and extra features as standard, heads will turn and your passengers will be more than impressed.


Aggressive styling in both aesthetics and driving experience. If you want something a little different then this is the trim for you…


The mid-trim level on the Evoque with distinctive styling. We are fans of this one!

There’s our rundown on the trims and tricks inside Range Rovers. If you are in the market for a used Range Rover in Liverpool, then surely you know what to do. If not, come and visit us or view our latest arrivals and Range Rovers online now.