The Wavertree Car Centre Guide to Volkswagen’s Small Car Range

Volkswagen’s small car range currently features the Volkswagen up! the Volkswagen Polo and the Volkswagen Golf.

These three models have proven to be very popular in the UK, and as a result, there are plenty of them on the second-hand market to choose from, which is good news for used Volkswagen car buyers. For anyone considering buying one of up! Polo or Golf, this article provides an introduction to each of them.


Volkswagen up!

Starting with the smallest and newest car, the Volkswagen up! is ideal for new drivers and city dwellers, with a frugal 1.0-litre engine and light steering which makes manoeuvring around town a breeze.

While they are designed to be city cars, and fulfil this role fantastically, Volkswagen up! cars are also surprisingly capable of holding their own on motorways at high speed. Another bonus is the low insurance costs that come with this model; great news for young and inexperienced drivers.

Used Volkswagen up! cars 


Volkswagen Polo

Sitting between the Volkswagen up! and the Volkswagen Golf in terms of size, the Volkswagen Polo is another great option for first-time drivers. Compared to its rivals in the supermini class, the Polo is relatively spacious and comfortable, and the build quality is excellent.

You’ll have ample choice when it comes to engines, so whether you are going to be pootling around town or tearing down the motorway, there’ll be an option to suit your needs. As with up!s, the compact size of Volkswagen Polo cars and their excellent handling paired with the variety of customisation options available makes this model a good choice for any driver.

Used Volkswagen Polo cars


Volkswagen Golf

Like the Polo, the Volkswagen Golf has been a long-time bestseller for the manufacturer. A number of family cars on the market today take inspiration from this model, and it is easy to see why it’s so popular.

Volkswagen Golf cars are well built, reliable and an ideal size to provide plenty of space for every passenger to travel in comfort, while still being easy enough to manoeuvre in tight spaces. While it’s a great car for families, options such as the Volkswagen Golf GTI are also a hit with drivers looking for a bit more oomph! 

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