Three convertibles available now at Wavertree Car Centre

Summer is here and what better way to enjoy the British sun than in a convertible car. Check out three of the best used convertibles available in Liverpool, here at Wavertree Car Centre.

 BMW 1 Series

Iconic enough in its standard design but by adding a convertible into the mix and the BMW 1 Series is taken to the next level. Finished in Carbon Black with Oyster Boston leather, this car is the epitome of comfort and style. It comes with 18-inch alloy wheels and the M sport package; the car is filled with luxury. Heated front seats and rear parking sensors make driving this BMW an experience rather than a chore. If you want to find out more, you can visit our showroom in Liverpool or click the link below.

View our used BMW 1 Series

Audi A3

Ice silver and packed with extra features, this convertible Audi A3 is a sport edition with low miles. What stands out with this car is the amount of space. When you think of a convertible your mind will switch to a two-seater, sporty motor and while the A3 still holds the sporty title, it has four doors and plenty of room for friends and family to hop in without feeling cramped. If you’re looking for something that will satisfy you on winding roads and long journeys but that won’t feel like a compromise in day to day life, the Audi A3 could be a great car for you.

View our used Audi A3

MINI Cooper

The classic MINI cooper given a modern edge with a convertible roof. It’s pepper white and finished with a black roof, this car is both chic and iconic. Automatic air con and an on-board computer are designed to make your drive as easy as possible so you can focus on enjoying the car and getting to your destination. If adventure is what you’re looking for, then the MINI will tick all your boxes.

View our used MINI Cooper


If you’re looking for a used convertible in Liverpool, get in touch with the team at Wavertree Car Centre, or browse all our current stock online.