BMW M5 Review

A car that is both powerful and practical. A tough balancing act but the BMW M5 manages this perfectly. Have a read of our review below and if you’re looking for a BMW M5 in Liverpool, get in touch.

It wouldn’t look out of place on a racetrack and looks equally at home on the motorway. A chameleon of a car with a seemingly split personality. The BMW M5 is a machine to be admired, from the aesthetics to the stunning performance, but what are the components that make this car so great?

The exterior is streamlined and slick, boasting the classic M5 badge and an iconic shape. Inside is the epitome of luxury with full, bolstered leather seats and an infotainment system that has everything you need within arm’s reach.   

0-62MPH in 3.1 seconds when in four-wheel drive is impressive enough but putting it into rear-wheel drive will take it to another league. A unique driving experience and lightyears away from the standard 5 Series, you’ll feel right at home in the M5.

With cars that perform that well, you can often compromise on comfort and space, but not in this car. Not only is the front packed with space, the back of the car has enough room for three tall adults, so your friends can enjoy the ride with you too.

If you’re looking for a car that can hack the daily commute but can help you release some steam at the weekend, this is the car for you. However, perfection comes at a high price. For a nearly new version of the car you’d be looking at almost £80,000 but you will find a used one slightly cheaper.

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