Choosing a luxury car

In the market for something swish? Take a look at our picks for luxury cars. Whether you’re looking for sporty or sensible, there is a luxury car that you will love and we may just have it in stock for you… If you want to get specific, we can always look to source one for you but in the meantime, read on!

Range Rover

Demanding on the roads and with a whole range of models and trims to choose from, the Range Rover name is synonymous with luxury. Whether you are looking for the more compact Evoque or a commanding Sport, you will find mod-cons galore with some models even playing home to a fridge in the centre console.


Designed in Germany and manufactured in Crewe. Bentley is a name that we associate with pure class. Every model is designed and finished to perfection, with a striking amount of detail into each part of the car. Each car is hand finished which is so refreshing in this modern world. A true classic and perfect for any car-fanatic.


A lot of luxury but with a sometimes more affordable price tag. Depending on the model you opt for, there are different tech features and executive styling which can leave you feeling like you’re in a far more expensive vehicle. Look for AMG line models and fully-loaded cars – when you buy a used car you can often find a higher spec for a better price…


Founded in 1931, Porsche know a thing or two about luxury. With refined style, classic engineering and stunning designs, you will fall in love with the Porsche motors. Whether you’re looking for a sports car or an SUV, you will be able to find your dream motor in the form of a 911 or a Cayenne.

There you have our rundown of choosing a luxury car. If you need further help or want to purchase a car in Liverpool, get in touch with the team and we will be more than happy to help you.