Daytrips to take from Liverpool

With Summer on the horizon, it’s a great time to start planning daytrips for the summer holidays, so we have put together our favourite daytrips to take from Liverpool. If you have any to add to the list, do let us know!

Looking for some daytrip inspiration? Check out our top picks below and let us know where you’re heading…

Formby Beach

Not too far away from our HQ in Wavertree lies the gorgeous sand dunes and pines of Formby Beach. Enjoy the summer sun on the beach and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind.

North Wales

There are so many great places to go for the day in North Wales but one destination that we love to visit is Conwy. Visit the castle, sit by the harbour, or walk around the quaint shops that are dotted around the town.

The Peak District

You will be spoilt for choice when you visit The Peak District but one place we would highlight as somewhere to visit would be Dovedale. Not only is it a beautiful walk and nestled between equally gorgeous places, but if you follow the walk down the river, you will reach the steppingstones that let you cross from one side to the other. Totally tranquil and utter bliss. If you’re feeling adventurous, Thorpe Cloud is just a short while away and the views from the top of the climb are breath-taking.


A city full of history and culture, it’s easy to see why this is a popular tourist destination. But don’t let the hustle and bustle put you off. In the city you will find a mix of shopping, attractions and river-side bars and restaurants. You could easily spend more than a day here but it’s definitely worth the drive for a beauty spot that’s packed with things to do.

There are just a few of our favourite daytrips to take from Liverpool. Let us know where you’re heading and if you need a new motor to get you there, visit the team at Wavertree Car Centre, specialists in selling used cars in Liverpool.