Ferrari 488 Spider Review

A powerhouse of a car and the capability of going from 0 - 124 MPH in 8.7 seconds. The Ferrari 488 Spider is a feat of modern engineering and an absolute pleasure to drive. That would be enough to convince us but if you’re still on the fence, read our review below – and then decide for yourself.

A dual clutch, seven speed gear box lies in the depths of the car and awaits the drivers command. Handling speed and performance with ease, it makes you wonder if there is anything that this car can’t handle. Spoiler alert, we are yet to find anything. Four words that should get you excited are ‘Slip Slide Angle Control’ which will leave you feeling like an F1 champion, even on the most average of roads. The handling and ride of the car are slick, smooth and as impressive as you would expect from none other than a Ferrari.

Inside, you have all the tech at the end of your fingertips, as you would expect. Aside from that, everything inside is extremely easy to use and navigate, exactly what you need when you are on the go.

On the road, complete control is felt with the grip of the steering wheel; the handling is firm, and the dampers fend off the feelings from the bumps in the road. While not particularly noisy while in motion, there’s no mistaking that Ferrari sound with the start of the engine, almost like a roar, bursting out of the car.

Is it practical? It depends what you want it for. If you’re looking for an iconic car with speed, incredible aesthetics and a joyous drive, then we would be inclined to say yes, it is practical. Whether it’s the school run or for weekend adventures, the Ferrari 488 Spider will not disappoint you. If you’re finally sold and are interested in a used Ferrari in Liverpool, view our stock here or visit our HQ in Wavertree.