How to Get the Best Car Finance Deal

Car finance can seem complicated and daunting, but at Wavertree Car Centre, we aim to simplify things, making securing the best deal easy and hassle-free.

One thing to remember when you are exploring your options is that the best car finance deal for one person will not necessarily be the best for someone else. The right deal will depend on your personal circumstances and preferences.


Before you even begin looking for car finance lenders, you need to know where your credit rating stands. If you make a finance application with a provider claiming to offer the best rate, and it turns out this rate is only available to individuals with excellent credit, you may find yourself being refused.

Alternatively, if you are aware that your credit rating is less than perfect beforehand, you can seek out bad credit car finance providers and have a much higher chance of being approved first time around. It is important to know your credit score before applying and find a suitable lender because if you make several unsuccessful credit applications, this could harm your rating further.

Finding the Best Deal

Now that you know your credit score, you can start the search for the right agreement type to accommodate your personal needs and the simplest way to do this is to find a car finance expert who will compare deals for you.

At Wavertree Car Centre, we have built relationships with a number of reputable lenders who provide different finance types for various credit circumstances. When you apply with us, we will provide several quotes based on conditions set by you as well as offering a free eligibility check. The best part is, the check won’t affect your credit score!


Speak to one of our experts today by calling, emailing or visiting Wavertree Car Centre in Liverpool. Alternatively, apply for car finance online here!