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Range Rover Evoque

A slicker and smaller version of the original Range Rover, the Evoque offers style and sophistication. But how does it perform and stand against its competitors in the SUV market? Read on to find out.

It is rare that a car gains style icon status but the Range Rover Evoque does fall into that category. Known for its instantly recognisable design and head-turning features, the Evoque has been on our roads since 2011 and when it arrived, it shook things up. Before the Evoque, SUVs were known for their boxy design and practicality, but then things changed.

You can choose from petrol or diesel engines, with a whole host of power options. With little sway on the roads, the Evoque is grounded and centred with a smooth ride on motorways and country roads alike.

If you fancy yourself as an off roader, then this car can handle that too. Despite the design and slick features, the Evoque is more than capable of taking on the muddy and uneven terrains of your next adventure.

Depending on the trim you opt for, there are lots of options for the interior, including a 10-inch touch screen on some models, which controls all the infotainment.

With a high driving position, you won’t struggle for visibility. On some models, the rear-view mirror can be turned into a read camera display, which is helpful for reverse parking and assistance. Parking sensors are standard feature but we are sure it won’t take you long to get used to the new driving style and position. It’s easy to drive, fun on the roads and packed with power.

The Evoque lends itself to young families and professionals, or those looking for something that can handle to commute by day and the hills and countryside over the weekend. It’s the perfect car for a varied lifestyle and there’s plenty of room for passengers, pets and picnics alike.

If you would like to find out more about a used Range Rover Evoque in Liverpool, get in touch with the team at Wavertree Car Centre.