Range Rover Evoque Review

The second-generation Range Rover Evoque; you don’t mess with success, so from the outside we’re treated to more of the same. Underneath however, the engineers at JLR have really put the hours in!

In terms of exterior styling, the general body shape is vastly similar to the first generation; this is by no means a bad thing however! The new car seems to have taken a leaf out of the Velar’s book with ultra-clean and creaseless panels.

The overall size of the car has grown too, not that you’d notice from the outside. A completely new platform has allowed Land Rover to carve out more space for passengers inside, as well as making room for battery technology and improve crash safety! Going against the current trend, the chassis is largely made of steel rather than aluminium. According to Land Rover, this is because aluminium sections are bulkier than steel ones and in a car like this, every square inch of space counts!

Dynamically, this car won’t set the world alight. However, that’s not why you buy an SUV. When it comes to comfort and technology, there are very few cars on the market that can match the second-generation Range Rover Evoque. Despite the spacious interior, Land Rover have managed to keep the width of the Evoque down, a blessing on our narrow roads.

 While the ride may not be as cosseting as say a Range Rover Sport, it does take away most of the harshness from our battered roads. Leave the damper settings in Auto and the car does an exceptional job of smoothing out potholes and bumps.

Inside, it’s clear Land Rover have put a lot of time into the layout and technology on offer. JLR’s Touch Pro Duo system is now offered on the Evoque, with two central screens stacked one above the other. The lower one normally runs climate control. Swipe across and it covers car configurating – the comfort/eco/sport modes and terrain response.

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